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Somwarpet is a panchayat town in Kodagu district in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the main town of the Somwarpet taluk, in the north-east of the district. The main crops grown in the area are coffee and spice crops such as cardamom, peppers, oranges, ginger, and vegetables.

Distances from Golden Nest Homestay

  • Pushpagiri hills - 23 KM
  • Mallalli Falls - 21 KM
  • Belur Bane - 7.2 KM
  • Kotebetta - 33 KM
  • Gavi betta - 7KM
  • Dubare Elephant Camp - 34 KM
  • Cauvery Nisargadhama Kushal Nagar - 45 KM
  • Harangi Dam - 17 KM
  • Namdroling Monastery - Golden Temple Kushalnagar - 30 KM
  • Madikeri City - 37 KM
  • Rajaseat - 38 KM
  • Abbey Falls Madikeri - 41 KM
  • Talacauvery - 82 KM

Pushpagiri hills

Pushpagiri (Kumara Parvatha), at 1,712 metres is the highest peak in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghatsa. It is located 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Somwarpet in the northern part of Kodagu district on the border between Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu district and hassan districts. It is 4th highest peak of Karnataka. The Sanskrit name of the mountain is Puṣpagiri while its Prakrit form is Puphagiri.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Pushpagiri hills is just 23 KM.

Mallalli Falls

Mallalli Falls is situated in the northern region of Kodagu District, Karnataka and It is located 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Somwarpet. The Kumaradhara River is the main watercourse for this waterfall. The Kumaradhara later flows through Kukke Subrahmanya and merges with the Netravati River at Uppinangadi, which then empties into the Arabian Sea at Mangalore.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Mallalli Falls is just 21 KM.

Belur Bane

Belur Bane golf Ground is a Its oldest Golf club in the city. It is located 9 kilometres from Somwarpet City.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Belur Bane is just 7.2 KM.


Kotebetta Trek is a popular tourist spot in Coorg. Located in Madapur which come in between the towns of Somwarpet and Madikeri, Kotebetta is at a height of approximately 1620m above the sea level. At a distance of 22 km from Madikeri, the Kotebetta is the third highest peak in Coorg region after Tadiyandamol and Brahmagiri.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Kotebetta is just 33 KM.

Gavi betta

One of the best place for Trekking. It is located 7 kilometres from Somwarpet City

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Gavi betta is just 7 KM.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Project undertaken by forest department and Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd is the Dubare Elephant Camp. In this camp, there are plenty of elephants where naturalist trained them. The visitor who visits can not only observe and learn but can indulge in various activities involving elephants. About 150 elephants are present by the Karnataka Forest Department. For The Mysore Dasara the elephants were trained by the Dubare elephant camp. Guests who visit our camp would feel enriched and enlightened about elephants and would join hands with us from becoming extinction.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Dubare Elephant Camp is just 34 KM.

Cauvery Nisargadhama Kushal Nagar

A breathtaking beautiful island off the state highway is Nisargadhama. Surrounded by the Cauvery river a 64 acre island can be accessed by walking across a hanging bridge. This place is one of the Must visit place in Kushal Nagar which has thick bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak tress has beautiful riverside cottages. The attractions in this place are the boating and the elephant rides. In this resort, there exists a deer park, children’s park and also there is beautiful orchidarium. Tourists can enjoy into water but only for few shallows and through some safe points.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Cauvery Nisargadhama Kushal Nagar is just 45 KM.

Harangi Dam

An ideal picnic spot which is built across river Cauvery is Harangi Dam which is located at just 8 Km from Kushal Nagar. A vast reservoir is present behind the dam. Temple Basavanna is present on the banks of the reservoir. To enter the dam site, you need to get permission from the PWD office which is located at the entrance. This dam is beautiful site to relax and view. This Dam joins the Cauvery near Kudige in Somwarpet Taluk.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Harangi Dam is just 17 KM.

Namdroling Monastery - Golden Temple Kushalnagar

Near Kushalnagar in Coorg District, largest Tibetan settlement is at Bylakuppe. As you can enter Bylakuppe, many buddhist monks will be in their bright robes and to the daily chores Tibetan women and children will be leading there. The Golden Temple also known as Namdroling Monastery which is beautiful temple is situated here which has paintings of Tibetan mythology and idols of Buddha have been covered in gold. The breathtaking views of the bell, the rooftop golden deer and the work on the Pagoda of the Namdroling Monastry. The shopping malls nearby selling Tibetan items, the monks, the golden temple, bells clanging will make you feel that you are in Tibet.

Every year lot of visitors are been attracted by Namdroling Monastery during festivities and ceremonies that are held every year. One of the celebrations is the Tibetan New Year called as Losar which is with Lama Dances.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Namdroling Monastery - Golden Temple Kushalnagar is just 30 KM.

Madikeri City

Formerly known as Muddurajakeri, was named after the famous Haleri king. Most of the tourist destination around madikeri has an averaging of 25 to 30 km. Some of the tourist destination are Rajas Seat, Madikeri Fort, Omkareshwara Temple, Abbey Falls, TalaKaveri, Bhagamandala Temple, Nisargadhama, Dubare Elephant Camp, KushalNagar etc. if you are into trekking some of the famous spots are Thadiyandamole, Pushpagiri, KoteBetta, Igguthappa Kundu, Brahmagiri etc

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Madikeri City is just 37 KM.


Kings and queens of ancient times used to have a place where they relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. For the sake of nurturing the beauty of Mother Nature, this Raja Seat Mantapa is one of the garden built. Raja Seat Mantapa original means the seat of the King. To admire the beauty of nature lot of tourists visit often this place and also for the seasonal flowers and fountains.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Rajaseat is just 38 KM.

Abbey Falls Madikeri

Situated in the western ghats in Madikeri Karnataka a beautiful waterfall Abbey falls is situated. Many tourist from around the world visit this tourist destination to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall. During monsoon season the waterfall will be flowing heavily and this time is the perfect time to visit Abbey Falls and also the waterfall is so strong that the roar of it can be heard from the road itself. This place is not only a tourist destination but also has a coffee plantation and coffee wine estates. This place is basically a jungle covered with coffee plantation and spice estates.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Abbey Falls Madikeri is just 41 KM.


The birthplace of river Cauvery is Talacauvery which is on the slopes of Brahmagiri Hills. Apart from being a Pilgrimage center, this place is known for its natural beauty. In mid October, during the Tula Sankaramana day more than thousands of devotees visit this birthplace at a particular time to witness a sudden rise of water in a small pond. On the holiest national day of coorgs, devotees take a holy dip in the nearby pond and on the day of Cauvery Sankramana they take this holy water from the pond to perform worship. After Tula Sankramana, pilgrims Tamil Nadu and from the neighbouring districts visit Talacauvery for a month. At the auspicious moment, the gushing of water from the small pond is said to be miracle. For Nature lovers, Brahmagiri Hills is treat. From Madikeri Bus Facility is available to Talacauvery.

The distance from our Golden Nest Homestay to Talacauvery is just 82 KM.